Central European Joint Programme
of Doctoral Studies in Theoretical Physics

School on Particle Physics, Gravity and Cosmology
Dubrovnik, 21 August - 2 September 2006

Scientific Programme

The School consists of level-up courses intended for PhD students, as well as updating courses for postdocs and researchers. In addition, a few propaedeutical crash courses will be organized to bridge the gaps in the attendance and to facilitate an active participation. The courses will be held on the blackboard. The audience is assumed to have at least a PhD student level either in phenomenological particle theory, in astroparticle physics or in field and string theory. One of the aims of the School is to bring together researchers of these different areas and to update them on one another's discipline.

Interface between Cosmology and Particle Physics

W. GRIMUS and S. PETCOV: Neutrino Phenomenology
A. MASIERO and F. FERUGLIO: Beyond the Standard Model
P. ULLIO: Introduction to Dark Matter
N. BILIC: Black holes phenomenology

Particle Physics, Gravity and String Theory

R. BRANDENBERGER: Advanced Topics in Cosmology
J. ZANELLI: Black holes physics
C. NUNEZ: Strings–Gauge Correspondence
G. DALL'AGATA: String vacua and moduli stabilization
C. BURGESS: Cosmology and Strings
G. CARDOSO: Black Holes and String Theory

The seminars to be held during the School are:

D. DENEGRI: New physics at LHC
D. WARK: Neutrino Experiments
C. BACCIGALUPI: Review on Cosmological Experiments
A. MUELLER: Experimental evidence of Black Holes
S. LIBERATI: Astrophysical constraints on Lorentz violation

In addition the following introductory courses are planned:

Introductory courses
M. BERTOLINI: Propaedeutical course in supersymmetry
T. PROKOPEC: Propaedeutical course in cosmology
G. BONELLI: Propaedeutical course of string theory
M. SERONE: Propaedeutical course on physics of extra dimensions