Central European Joint Programme

Central European Joint Programme of Doctoral Studies in Theoretical Physics


Competitive and high quality Ph.D. programmes depend on joint efforts and the international collaboration of several universities and institutions. We propose to join the efforts of nine Central European universities to strengthen and develop their Ph.D. programmes. It is our intention to bring together fields in theoretical physics in which common goals have already been formulated and contacts in research and academic studies were already established. These include particle physics, gravity and cosmology. Our aim is to create a high common standard for academic Ph.D. degrees including top quality research. As an effective tool to reach this goal we propose the establishment of a common project based on the collaboration of the following institutions:

  1. Comenius University Bratislava (Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics)
  2. Eötvös University Budapest (Faculty of Science, Physics Institute)
  3. University of Ljubljana
  4. University of Padua
  5. Charles University Prague (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
  6. International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste
  7. University of Trieste
  8. University of Vienna (Faculty of Physics)
  9. University of Zagreb (Faculty of Science - PMF)

(C) 2009 Central European Joint Programme